MORE AND MORE Insurance companies are paying for transportation to and from
Preventive Health appointments i.e. vision, dental, family physician, pharmacies,
counseling, dialysis, WIC, and many other preventative health appointments.

How to Access a free RIDE to your Preventive Health Appointment?

  • Call the number on the back of your insurance card.
  • Please have the following information available when making this call…
    1. Beneficiary’s full name,
    2. Date of birth,
    3. Insurance ID number
    4. Pickup address and zip code
    5. Name, phone number, address and zip code of the facility or doctor.
    6. Appointment time and date

Give details if you need Special transportation i.e. ADA services

Understand who will provide your Transportation Management.

TM / LGTC: #’s to Management Transportation

  • MTM

    ConventryCares of Michigan # 1-800-947-2133

    Blue Care Advantage #

    Athena Better Health of Michigan

  • LGTC

    Molina Health Plan # 1-888-898-7969 or call LGTC directly

    Midwest Health Plan # 1-888-654-2200

    McLaren Health Plan # 1-888-327-0671

    Meridian Health Plan # 1-800-821-9369

    AmeraHealth : 1-888-803-4947

    Total Health Care # 1-800-862-2862 ext 408

    United Healthcare Community Plan # 1-877-892-3995